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What is diabetes/Madhumeh?

Diabetes is a kind of infection in which your glucose level turns out to be excessively high. It is of two kinds type 1 and sort 2. In sort 1 body does not deliver insulin. While type 2 diabetes comes in later stage throughout everyday life.

What are the early indications of diabetes?

Admonitions indications of diabetes include:

Expanded thirst.

Expanded craving (particularly subsequent to eating)

Dry mouth.

Visit pee or pee contaminations.

Unexplained weight reduction (despite the fact that you are eating and feel hungry)

Exhaustion (powerless, tired inclination)

Obscured vision.

How to control diabetes?

One can control diabetes with responsibility to their eating regimen plan, normal exercise, and legitimate prescription.

Which drug leaves no reaction in the body?

According to the examination home grown medicine is picking up prominence and individuals are becoming  more  aware for herbs.

Which herbs to be utilized for controlling diabetes?


Herbs used in treating Diabetes are:-

Indian ginseng – poison gooseberry – winter cherry – Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera

Flax Seed – Linn Seed – Akasi Seed – Alsi Seed – Linum Usitatissimum

Golden Shower – Purging Cassia – KANIKKONA Seed – Amaltas – Cassia Fistula Seed

Mango Seed – MANGAYANDIPARIPPU– Aam Guthli – Mangifera Indica

Aloe vera – Aloe Barbadensis

Chia Seed – Tukmariya – Sabja Seed-Salba seed – Salvia hispanica

Cinnamon -Dal Chini – Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

Devdar – Himalayan Cedar – Deodar cedar – cedrus deodara

Gurmar – Australian Cowplant – Gondti Patthar – Madhunashini – Gymnema Sylvestre

East Indian Globe Thistle – Indian Sphaeranthus – Chhagul Nudi- Gorakhmundi – Sphaeranthus Indicus

Gulbel – Indian Tinospor – Heart-Leaved Moonseed – Guduchi – Giloy- Tinospora Cordifolia

Hirabol – Commiphora Myrrha

Plum – Jambolan – Java plum – Black Plum – jamun – Syzygium Cuminilin Linn.

Black Cumin Seed – Black Onion Seed – Kala Jeera – Kalonji – Nigella Sativa Seed

Safflower – Dyers’ Saffron – False Saffron – Kusum – Carthamus Tinctorius Seed White

Connessi Bark – Coneru – Kurchi – Kutaj – Holarrhena Antidysentric

Marshmallow – Khatmi – Gulkhairo – Althea Officinalis

Sensitive Plant – Touch Me Not – Chui Mui – Mimosa Pudica

Fenugreek Seed – Methi – Trigonella Foenumgraecum

Radish – Muli – Raphanus Sativus

Neem- Nim Tree – Indian Lilac – Azadirachta indica

Clearing Nut – Nirmali – Strychnos Potatorum Seeds

Indian Mulberry -Great Morinda -Bartundi – Noni Fruit – Morinda Citrifolia Fruit

Indian Rennet – Paneer Doda – Withania Coagulans

Moringa- Drumstick – Senjana – Moringa Oleifera

Periwinkle – Vinca – Old Maid – Sadabahar – Vinca Rosea

Musli – Chlorophytum Borivilianum (White, black and red)

Candyleaf – Sweetleaf – Sweet leaf – Sugarleaf – Stevia Rebaudiana

Oblong Leaf Salacia – Saptrangi – Ponkoranti – Salacia Oblonga

Bryony – Striped Cucumber – Shiv Ling Seed – Diplocyclos Palmatus Seed

Mineral Pitch – Vegetable Asphalt – Shilajita – Asphalt

Chia Seed – Tukmariya – Sabja Seed-Salba seed – Salvia hispanica

Indian Jujube – Unnab – Desi Ber – Ziziphus Jujuba (Lam.) Gaertn

Bitter Sponge Gourd – Bristly luffa – Rag Gourd – Bindaal – Ghagarbel – Devadali – Luffa Echinata

Indian Kino Tree – Beeja Patta – Bijasal – Vijayasar – Pterocarpus Marsupium

Wheat Grass – Jawar – Triticum

Grapes Seed – Vitis Vinifera

Parsley Leaves – Petroselinum Crispum

Sage Leaves – Salvia Officinalis

Senega Root – Snake Root – Milkwort – Polygala Vulgaris

Above is the list of herbs which we see around us, can be used partially or fully in your daily routine for controlling over diabetes. Consult Ayurveda Practioner for the detail mix of herbs quantity to used in maintaining the blood sugar level for the longer period of time. It will definitely leave positive result in maintaining the blood sugar level, with regular exercise/ yoga, meditation, proper diet.



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